Solid Steel of Top Steel Solutions

For Builders

Steel frames represent the future of house framing. Continual product improvements and consumer awareness means the demand for steel frames construction will only increase.

100% Termite Proof

People are more conscious than ever of the threat posed by termites to their homes. Steel frames allow you to build major termite management into the building, rather than add it on.

Cost-Effective Quality

Steel framed homes are quality products that deliver to your clients both long-term peace of mind and singificant cost savings. Callbacks are reduced and your reputation enhanced.

3D modelling will help builders and owners alike identify potential construction issues during the design stage, saving costs later. Builders will also save with minimal site modifications, thanks to the versatility of steel for unusually shaped land or sloping sites.

Fast & Easy

Although steel frames require different techniques, they are quick and easy to erect. The same is for steel floor joists.

Steel frames are lightweight and easy to handle. Time is not lost sorting through pieces and there is no need to straighten the framework onsite.

No wall bracing onsite is required as this is pre-built into the frames, as well as all service holes. Less manual screw work is needed with stronger fixing and brackets.

Because of steel’s consistent strength and compliance with strict standards, every stud is a good stud, greatly reducing material wastage.

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