Steel Floor Joists Sydney

Steel floor joists are commonly used in residential or commercial construction projects. The easy to lift and install feature of steel floor joists allows construction builders to choose this steel product over other building materials.

At Top Steel Solutions, we provide excellent steel floor framing systems that are exceptionally strong and durable. Our team of experts are committed to delivering premium quality steel joists for your upcoming residential or commercial construction projects. We manufacture and supply certified steel products to our customers, meaning you can rest assured about the quality of the steel joists delivered. Our team ensures you leverage the benefit of our years of experience and extensive industry knowledge in manufacturing and supplying steel products and obtain the best solution for your construction project. We can custom design a steel flooring system based on your requirement and application suitability. Our years of experience has allowed us to manage hundreds of residential and commercial construction projects and cater for their steel flooring, subfloor, and floor frame requirements.

If you are searching for cost-effective, durable, and efficient steel framing solutions, call us on 02 9756 4124 today.

Why Use Steel Floor Joists?

Steel floor joists are lightweight, durable, and robust, making them an ideal construction material for any residential or commercial flooring project. 

  • Despite being lightweight, steel floor joists offer excellent long-term stability and are suitable flooring material for areas subjected to extreme environmental conditions. 
  • Compared to timber alternatives, steel joist floor systems do not rot, shrink, or warp. 
  • Steel joists restrict the growth of mould or termite, making them an ideal flooring material for your residential or commercial construction project. 
  • Unlike wood floors, steel joist floor systems are quieter and do not crack easily.

If you want to know more about our steel floor joist prices, call us on 02 9756 4124.

Premium Quality Steel Floor Framing System 

Steel floor framing systems are designed for easy and efficient construction of contemporary framed structures. Quality steel floor framing allows all-steel structural components to align and assemble in an appropriate framing pattern, creating highly supportive and sturdy floors, walls, roofs, and other internal elements of your structure. The steel floor framing can be compatible with various ranges of finishes – from timber to brickwork. 

At Top Steel Solutions, we provide an extensive range of steel frame systems available in various sizes. We manufacture and supply premium quality steel frame systems at competitive prices. Our steel floor framing systems are quite popular among builders looking for a flooring option for modern construction projects. Some typical applications of our steel floor frame are:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Flat blocks
  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Retail units
  • Schools

If you are looking for a high tensile steel floor frame for your construction project, connect with the industry leaders – Top Steel Solutions. Whether you need steel piers or quality steel joists, we are here to cater to all your steel construction material requirements.

Common FAQs

How Much Do Steel Floor Joists Cost?

The cost of steel floor joists varies depending on the size, weight, thickness, and width of the product. If you want to know more about steel floor joists prices, call us on 02 9756 4124.

Can Metal Studs Be Used for Floor Joists?

Unlike wood studs, metal studs do not creak easily. Metal stud materials like steel are straight, dimensionally stable, and hold shape for a longer period. Therefore, you can consider using metal studs for floor joists.

What Floor Joists Are Best?

Ideally, steel joists are any day better than timber ones. Steel joists offer your construction structure unmatched stability, durability, and strength. Compared to timber alternatives, steel joists do not rot, shrink, or warp. Additionally, steel joists are highly compatible with various materials.

How Far Apart Should Steel Joists Be?

The standard spacing between each steel joist should be 450mm on-centre.