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Our experienced team at Topsteel Solutions provides both residential and commercial properties with bespoke quality steel frames that you can rely on. Our state-of-the-art implementation located in NSW, houses innovative technology. Our experienced team uses an advanced methodology for steel framing manufacturing and many structural steel engineering tools for steel framing products.

With our advanced roll forming machine available in our preparation method, we continually strive to improve our facilities with our resources for better production.

We have one of the most advanced roll forming machines available in our factory and continually improve our state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

We are your go-to source for high-quality steel house frames, floor systems, and trusses for both large and small residential projects. We not only provide the structural and aesthetic benefits of steel frames, but we also ensure that our precision engineering allows for faster installation, saving time during the construction process. We provide Australian builders and homeowners with top and premium quality steel frames and trusses that are 100% termite proof but also made up of cutting-edge technology.

We manufacture durable, robust and lightweight steel frames and trusses and ensure to provide everyone with dynamic construction solutions. Your walls in Sydney are safe with our steel framing solutions. We use Truecore steel because it is solid and straight and won’t wrap or get twisted with time. Moreover, Truecore steel is fire-resistant, borer and termite proof. If you are looking for a steel frame for your property, connect with the industry leaders to find the best quality metal building frames for sale. We are here at your service.

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Customised Steel Frames to Suit Different Properties

We can customise our steel roof trusses and frames to meet different commercial and home owners’ requirements in Sydney. Topsteel Solutions understands that different clients can have different needs, which is why our lightweight steel frames construction is flexible. We are backed by years of experience and we can module our manufacturing as well as designing process according to our client’s requests. Topsteel Solutions work closely with our clientele ensuring that we deliver satisfactory service every time.

Our steel can be easily fabricated and transported to the construction site if needed. This decreases the on-site efforts and also reduces environmental impact, for example, weather. Frames made of steel are always better than concrete products or wood. Steel is lighter but durable and made to last for many years to come. We ensure to use industry-leading materials in every steel framing solution so that you can be assured that the steel frames and trusses will last longer and nothing will happen to them. Moreover, as said, they are termite and borer proof.

Why Choose Steel Frames?


Termite infestation is fairly widespread in Australia, and it costs homeowners millions of dollars each year. Steel frames and trusses are termite-proof, saving you money on inspections and providing you peace of mind about your building’s health.


A house with a timber frame is more likely to catch fire, making it prone to damage. Steel is ideal for fire design since it is a non-combustible metal. Steel Frames & Trusses are a better choice for the Australian environment, prone to fire dangers, ensuring higher safety.

Better Strength

Steel has a higher density in comparison to concrete and timber. As a result, steel is heavier but feels light. Steel studs can easily carry more load than the same length of timber stud... So, for a much lesser amount of steel, it will provide the same amount of support. The direct implication is lesser material used, cost-efficient, reduced labour, and enhanced structural support.Read More

Longer Life

Steel lasts longer than concrete and timber. Steel doesn’t creep, crack, or split, which is why they are durable. Moreover, steel is not vulnerable to mildew and mould... It won’t expand, rot, or wrap even if there is a high level of moisture. The steel frames we provide are water and fire-resistant, making them an ideal choice for homes and different commercial properties.Read More


Steel can be customized in different shapes, making it an ideal choice for different kinds of structures. Steel is often the first choice for designers and architects typically because of its versatile characteristics. As a result, steel is a valuable addition to different kinds of buildings.


Steel frames are pre fabricated using advanced computer modelling, which lessens the scrap steel produced. Scrapes that are produced are later recycled so that they are used for different projects... While recycling steel, it doesn’t lose its inherent properties and maintains its strength. In addition, steel is a sustainable material, which makes them eco-friendly.Read More


Steel frames have tensile strength, which enables them to perform well under different weather. Be it snowfall, seismic activity, or hurricanes, steel will remain intact... Not just this, even during man-made emergencies, for example, impact and explosions, steel performs well. Steel can be used both for lower and higher structures, and they are non-combustible.Read More


Steel frames require a lesser amount of steel in comparison to timber and concrete frames. Not just this, steel frames can be fabricated efficiently off-site, which means less on-site labour... The lesser construction times allows clients to manage their financial costs better. Moreover, the maintenance cost of steel is lesser too. One will not have to worry about replacement and repair costs much.Read More

Why Choose Topsteel Solutions For Metal Building Frames for Sale

Industry Leaders

Topsteel Solutions are leaders in the steel framing industry here in Sydney. We’ve offered our service to thousands of clients, such as different industries and homeowners. Our engineered steel frames are for every property that needs strength. Since our inception, we have been providing the Australian market with the most durable, strong, and fire safe property framing products that people can rely on.

Bespoke Customer Service

Our clients keep coming back to us not just for the best quality framing solutions but also for the customer service we provide. As industry leaders, we have in-depth knowledge about cutting-edge steel frame products and have a highly responsive, experienced, and knowledgeable staff who ensures to assist homeowners, designers, and builders find the right solution.

Trusted by Homeowners, Builders, and Designers Alike

Topsteel Solutions is trusted by homeowners, builders, and designers. Our lightweight steel frames are fast and easy to erect, lightweight, and strong. Steel offers outstanding spanning capabilities, providing everyone with ample open space to incorporate modern designs. We are constantly involved in terms of technology and solutions. We ensure to manufacture steel framing products that support all floor systems.

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How to install a wood door in steel framing?

This can be done by installing wood bucking at both sides of the doorway. This task requires skill and special tools since it involves cutting, drilling, and mortising wood jambs.

How to install steel stud framing?

To install steel stud framing, professional tools are required. One needs to determine the number of steel studs required, mark spots the lines where the steel stud will be fastened, plumb it, and start fastening the metal studs to finish the work. The process is not time-consuming, but better to be done through an experienced professional.

How much does steel framing cost?

The cost of steel frames will depend on multiple factors, such as materials, labour, and the quality of steel used. To know about an estimated price, please contact us.

What is steel framing?

Steel framing is a building technique that uses skeleton frames of both horizontal and vertical steel columns. It is long-lasting, cost-effective, reliable, and durable.