Are Timber Frame Homes on the Way Out? Here’s Why Steel Frame Homes and Steel Trusses in the Western Suburbs of Sydney are Becoming Increasingly Popular

In the modern world, there are many ways to build a home, but steel frames and timber frames are two of the most popular construction types. Some people claim that wood frames and much quicker to construct than steel frames, though it’s easier to construct steel frames with pinpoint precision.

In most situations, steel is a much more durable material than timber, though steel frames on coastal homes may be susceptible to saltwater corrosion. Because there are many benefits of both timber and steel, it can be difficult to decide which material to use to make dependable framing in the western suburbs of Sydney.

As a builder, you need to build homes to the highest possible standard if you want to win repeat business and earn a reputation for excellence, but making the right choice regarding which material to use for house frames can be difficult. Timber is still perhaps the most traditional material used to make frames, but steel is hugely beneficial in many ways, from being environmentally friendly to being highly durable.

At Top Steel Solutions, we believe that steel is the best material for building homes in the western suburbs of Sydney, and we source our steel from companies who take sustainability and high quality seriously. We want to help builders across the nation build homes their customers can depend on, but as professionals, we still recognise that timber is ideal in certain situations. Below, this article looks at the advantages of each material to help you decide what to buy.

Timber Frames vs. Steel Frame Homes in the Western Suburbs of Sydney

We believe that a reputable steel frame supplier should be honest about the benefits of its products, and that means comparing them to other products available. Here’s a quick comparison of a timber frame home and a steel framing house in the western suburbs of Sydney:

The Verdict

At Top Steel Solutions, we believe that steel trusses in the western suburbs of Sydney are overall more beneficial than timber frames, and we offer a professional design consulting service to help you plan your construction. To protect the environment, keep your costs down, and build high-quality homes, contact us today to find out more about how our steel frames can help.

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