Why You Should Choose Steel Trusses for Your New House Framing in Blacktown

Whether you are an architect or a builder, there will come a time in your career when wooden framing simply won’t suffice for one of your projects. Perhaps the homebuyer wants a house with a roof that can withstand the heaviest rain, snow, sleet, hail and wind. Alternatively, maybe you are trying to accomplish a striking house design with large, grandiose spans. In both cases, wood may not do the trick. You will have to look elsewhere.

At Top Steel Solutions, we provide building teams with reliable steel framing solutions in Blacktown. Steel frames and trusses can provide numerous structural advantages that you simply can’t get from comparable wooden structures. Using steel for your next build or design can allow you to unlock new levels of flexibility and versatility.

Using Steel Trusses: The Benefits

To understand the perks of building a steel framing house in Blacktown, let’s start from the top. Steel trusses are terrific largely because of the high strength to weight ratios. Steel is a strong but relatively lightweight alloy. Parlaying those benefits into a truss leads to markedly strong roof designs.

Homeowners who have had to replace roofs know that doing so is both a huge expense and a huge hassle. As such, it’s not uncommon for these buyers to ask their designers or builders if there is anything that can be done to achieve a more durable and reliable roof. Just like a house is only as good as its foundations, a roof is only as good as its trusses.

Extra protection against heavy wind, rain and other elements is just one benefit that using steel trusses in Blacktown can have for your design or building projects. Another core advantage is the one that explains why commercial builders will almost always use steel trusses rather than their wooden alternatives. Thanks to the added strength of steel, roofs built with steel trusses have greater spanning capabilities than roofs made of wood. For homes with large, wide open rooms—big entrance halls, ballrooms, libraries, etc.—steel trusses might be necessary to provide the spans.

The spanning capabilities and extra strength provided by steel trusses are beneficial in domestic construction but are essential for most commercial buildings. Think of a warehouse and how the roof must cover an incredible span of wide open distance. Without steel framing and trusses, this kind of structure would be impossible to achieve. Similarly, many bolder and ‘modern’ home designs are difficult to achieve without using steel trusses.

Partner with Top Steel Solutions for Your Next Steel Frame Home in Blacktown

At Top Steel Solutions, we are happy to be your partner for your next steel framing house project in Blacktown. From house frames to steel trusses, all our work uses the finest quality steel and fabrication techniques. To learn more about we do, or to engage our services for an upcoming project, dial us on (02) 9756 4124.

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