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Have you been thinking about teaming up with steel frame manufacturers in Blacktown for your company’s next building project? If you need a bit of help making your decision, start by picturing the scenario described below.

Your team is in the midst of building a new home, and you are working with quite the tight deadline. You have a strict schedule that you must adhere to exactly if you are to get the project done on time. You’ve prepared the foundation of the house and are ready to start on the frame. You even have all the building materials you need at the construction site, ready to go for an accelerated build. Then, the night before you are set to start work on the frame, a torrential downpour hits and soaks the lumber you were planning to use for your frame.

This kind of occurrence is, unfortunately, not uncommon for construction projects. Mother Nature has an unfortunate tendency to strike at the least opportune moments, and soaking the lumber you need for an accelerated, tight-deadline project is certainly the definition of ‘inopportune.’ Building with wet lumber can cause serious structural problems for the house you build, but the other option—waiting for the moisture content in the wood to drop—isn’t viable either.

Avoid the Moisture Content Problem: Hire Steel Frame Suppliers in Blacktown

The problem posed by this scenario is straightforward. Your company essentially has a choice between doing shoddy work and going way over deadline, all thanks to a twist in the weather that you didn’t plan for. The question is, what could you have done to avoid this dilemma.

Sure, keeping the wood covered and (hopefully) dry would have been the first thing to do. However, even then, you risk your wood getting wet once the frame is in progress. It’s not possible to keep lumber entirely dry, and anyone who buys a new build will have to expect the materials to lose moisture during their first year or so in the house. However, working with very wet lumber is still a bad option.

A far better option would have been to team up with steel frame manufacturers in Blacktown. Steel framing, unlike wooden framing, can’t build up a moisture content. The materials are always ready to go, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Furthermore, steel framing doesn’t have to lose moisture after the build is complete, which makes things better for the homebuyer as well.

At Top Steel Solutions, we are steel frame home builders in Blacktown. We can help you reduce your company’s reliance on lumber in the building process. By using steel framing instead of wooden framing, you will eliminate the risk of wet lumber—as well as the downtime that comes with waiting for wooden building materials to dry out. Ultimately, we can help you save money, make your deadlines and build more structurally sound homes—all by switching out your wooden house frames for metal ones.

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