Reduce House Warranty Work by Choosing Steel for Your House Frames

Did you know that the average new construction house loses approximately 4,000 litres of water in its first year? That’s not water trickling out of the pipes, either. Rather, 4,000 litres of water is evaporating out of the building materials that were used to construct the house. Some of it comes from the concrete used in the foundation. Another portion comes from the plaster used for the drywall. Perhaps the largest source of evaporated in a new build home, is from the lumber.

It stands to reason that the timber used in a house would lose water over time. In the wild, trees drink up and collect a lot of water. After those trees are cut down and turning into lumber, the wood often sits outside, fully exposed to the elements. As a result, most house frames in Blacktown or Parramatta are positively loaded with water by the time the first owner of the house moves in.

The Warranty Offer: How to Protect Your Building Company from Lost Time and Money

If your construction company is like most other businesses in the modern home building industry, then you offer some degree of warranty coverage to the people who buy your new builds. The fact that building materials must lose so much water in their first year is one of the biggest flaws of home construction. Over the course of that first year, the house must ‘set’ as the lumber, concrete, and plaster loses weight and change shape.

This process of ‘setting’ can pose problems for homeowners. Doors that once opened or latched properly can become jammed or stuck. Cornices and drywall that once looked smooth and pristine can crack. Hardwood floorboards that once sat flush against one another can develop gaps. Also, nail pops will start appearing all over the place. Educated homebuyers know to expect these issues and will sometimes even steer clear of new builds because of them. As a result, construction companies are obliged to provide warranty coverage for newly constructed homes. These warranties cover nail pops, drywall cracks, jammed doors and other issues that result because of a home’s setting process. In many cases, building companies will offer to fix these problems free of charge in accordance with their warranty coverage.

The Advantage of Using a Different Type of House Frame 

There is no way to avoid the setting process for a new build—at least not entirely. However, by limiting the amount of wood that your company uses to build homes, you can reduce of defects that a home will develop in its first year.

At Top Steel Solutions, we provide a different kind of house frame in Blacktown, Parramatta and throughout Western Suburbs Sydney. Instead of building wooden house frames, our company designs and manufactures steel house framing including products such as prefab wall frames and steel joists,. Because steel doesn’t have the water content that fresh lumber does, it doesn’t need to set in the same way. Other materials in the home will still have to go through the setting process, but since the frame itself is holding steady throughout the process, you will end up with fewer loose floorboards, nail pops, or cracked cornices.

Fewer defects means fewer warranty repair requests. By reducing the amount of materials and time that your team spends on warranty requests, you can improve your company’s profit margins on each new build. Are you interested in learning more about Top Steel Solutions and our steel house frames in Wetherill Park? Give us a call on (02) 9756 4124 to start a conversation.

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